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MEC Research Membership Program
Have you ever wanted to get more involved in archaeology, but felt like you didn't know where to start? Or perhaps you have ideas about ancient mysteries you'd like to share with the world. If so, consider joining Maya Exploration Center as a Research Member.

Become a Research Member today!

Most membership systems are about financially supporting the work of an institution, be that a museum, a charity, or a team of scholars. While the MEC membership program appreciates and values that kind of support, we invite (though not require) our members to actively participate in the process of discovery. How? By giving you access to powerful research resources and the guidance of a panel of experts in the field of Mesoamerican studies. When you become a Research Member of MEC, you receive:

  1. Opportunities to Publish Your Own Research
  2. Support for Grant Applications
  3. 10% Off Any MEC Educational Travel Course or Tour
  4. An Annual Mayan Calendar Wall Calendar
  5. Recognition as a Supporter of MEC

1. Opportunities to Publish Your Own Research
As a MEC Research Member, you will have the opportunity to share your research with the world by posting your work in the research section of our website. Currently, MEC's website gets over 1.2 million hits per year and the research section is the most visited section. In order to have your research published on our website, members must comply with these procedures:

A. Write up your research following the standard rules of academic publication, including figures, citations, and a bibliography. For guidelines, see the Society for American Archaeology Style Guide.

B. Submit your paper electronically to MEC

C. MEC's panel of experts will then conduct a peer review and return comments within six weeks.

D. The author addresses the comments of peer review and resubmits the paper.

E. Steps C and D continue until MEC approves, or finally denies, the paper.

MEC supports freedom of opinion. However, we retain the right to deny any research paper that does not meet our standards of scholarship.

2. Support for Grant Applications
Do you have a research project for which you would like to seek funding? While MEC does not have the resources to fund independent research, we can help our members find it. There are many grant sources for which individuals are not eligible. As a MEC Research Member, you will be part of a non-profit research institution. Research Members are invited to submit their research plans for peer review and commentary. MEC will evaluate the research plan and advise you on how to make it the best it can be. Upon approval of your research plan and proposal, MEC will provide letters of support to accompany your grant application.

Any awards you win can be run through MEC and distributed directly to you as the Principle Investigator. Universities typically charge 40-50% overhead to projects applying under their name; MEC's overhead is only 10%.

3. 10% Off Any MEC Educational Travel Course or Tour
MEC Research Members will receive 10% off the costs of any MEC tour or study abroad course they choose to join. Participating in just one program a year at 10% off more than pays for the entire annual membership fee!

4. An Annual Mayan Calendar wall calendar
Each MEC Research Member will receive a free annual Mayan Calendar every January (retail price $15.99). View this year's calendar.

5. Recognition as a Supporter of MEC
MEC Research Members can take pride in knowing that they support research and education programs related to Mesoamerican civilization. MEC's quarterly newsletter keeps you informed about what your membership supports.

Annual Research Membership in MEC is only $150.00.

Become a Research Member today or email us at [email protected] with any questions you might have about becoming a Research Member.

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