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ArchaeoMaya: The Newsletter of Maya Exploration Center
This is where you will find all the past editions of MEC's quarterly e-newsletter. These newsletters report on the various education programs that MEC hosts, showcase new archaeological research being conducted, and give public thanks to those who donate.
Fall 2016 (1.2mb PDF)
Spring 2016 (1mb PDF)
Fall 2015 (1.9mb PDF)
Spring 2015 (2.1mb PDF)
Winter 2014 (660kb PDF)
Fall 2014 (760kb PDF)
Spring 2014 (1.1mb PDF)
Winter Solstice 2013 (1.6mb PDF)
Fall 2013 (1.1mb PDF)
Summer 2013 (1.1mb PDF)
Spring Equnox 2013 (.88mb PDF)
Winter 2012 (.75mb PDF)
Fall Equinox 2012 (1.1mb PDF)
Summer 2012 (1.2mb PDF)
Spring Equinox 2012 (1.2mb PDF)
Winter Solstice 2011 (0.75mb PDF)
Fall Equinox 2011 (0.78mb PDF)
Summer Solstice 2011 (0.62mb PDF)
Winter 2011 (0.46mb PDF)
Fall 2010 (0.80mb PDF)
Spring 2010 (0.65mb PDF)
Winter 2010 (0.52mb PDF)
Fall 2009 (0.47mb PDF)
Spring-Summer 2009 (0.59mb PDF)
Winter 2009 (0.49mb PDF)
Fall 2008 (0.54mb PDF)
Summer 2008 (0.51mb PDF)
Spring 2008 (0.52mb PDF)
Winter 2008 (0.57mb PDF)
Fall 2007 (0.37mb PDF)
Summer 2007 (1.09mb PDF)
Spring 2007 (0.32mb PDF)
Winter 2007 (0.35mb PDF)
Fall 2006 (0.42mb PDF)
Summer 2006 (0.44mb PDF)
Spring 2006 (0.21mb PDF)
Winter 2006 (0.22mb PDF)
Fall 2005 (0.30mb PDF)
Summer 2005 (0.79mb PDF)
Spring 2005 (0.63mb PDF)
Fall 2004 (0.32mb PDF)
Summer 2004 (0.25mb PDF)
Spring 2004 (0.18mb PDF)

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