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Archaeological Projects - Maya

The Belize Postclassic Project, excavations at Caye Coco

The El Pilar archaeological project, on the border of Belize and Guatemala

San Bartolo archaeological project in the Peten, Guatemala

Archaeological Reconnaissance in Southeastern Campeche, Mexico

Friends of MEC

The Pathways Project is an organization devoted to the advancement of human welfare. They promote small projects and organizations that seek ecologically and economically sustainable, culturally sensitive answers to the problems arising from illiteracy and poverty in Latin America and other regions. MEC sometimes coordinates our community service projects through Pathways.

This is the primary website for El Panchan, a community with cabanas to rent, restaurants and a constant flow of interesting people from all over the world.

Many members of MEC staff call El Panchan home when we are "in the field" in Palenque.

Fun for All Ages

A fun, educational, printable PDF worksheet for teaching kids (or anyone born after January 1, 1980) how to figure out their birthday in the Maya calendar.

General Archaeology Information

An archaeological resource with extensive information and links. Cultural database, methodology, free downloads, links, educational institutions around the world, fieldwork and career opportunities.

General Interest - Maya

A GIS project on the ruins of Mayapan, Yucatan, Mexico

GIS of La Milpa, a ruins in Northwestern Belize

A good site for general information on the Maya

A website featuring general information about the Maya.

The website of Justin Kerr featuring his rollout photographs of hundreds of Maya painted ceramic vessels.

Mesoweb began as the website for the Precolumbian Art Research Institute (PARI) featuring updates of excavations at Palenque. It has since grown into a great source for current Maya research. Many resources and papers from top researchers.

An eclectic site with a good Maya date calculator in the "tools" section

General Interest - Other Mesoamerica

Information about ancient writing systems and much more

A website with accurate and detailed information about Aztec culture. Resources and links about the Aztecs and Mesoamerican cultures in general.

Flash graphics website with animations and info about the ancient Mesoamerican ballgame

An extensive collection of information on the Maya and Mesoamerica in general. Especially good for studies of the codices.


Nicco Mele went to Chiapas, Mexico with Dave Pentecost to explore the region, and spend some time with archaeologists working on discovering more about the Maya culture. Their first JungleCast (a Podcast from the Jungle!), and the subsequent JungleCasts are available on EchoRadio.

JungleCast segments (MP3) are listed below:

Modern Maya

A non-profit group working on restoring an archaeological site in Chiapas with the help of, and for the benefit of, the modern Tzeltal Maya people who live in the same area.

Current events in Mesoamerica

Archaeology and conservation on the Usumacinta River

Organizations & Associations

Webpage of the American Anthropological Association

The website of the Archaeological Legacy Institute, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and continued investigation of archaeological sites. The site has a great collection of streaming videos.

The Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. website has a wealth of study resources and a large database of all the reports of the projects they have funded.

The website of the Texas Maya Meetings, a hieroglyphic conference and workshop hosted every March by the University of Texas at Austin.

Archaeology @ RealAdventures

Webpage of the Society of American Archaeologists

Webpage of the European Mayanists Association

Schools, Museums & Centers

U Penn's Museum site. A good source for Maya research materials

The University of Texas Center for Ancient American Art and Culture

Featured Site
Visit El Panchan, complete with cabanas to rent, restaurants and a constant flow of interesting people from all over the world. Go
Suggested reading books can be bought at JungleCasts with Dr. Barnhart