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Exploration and Mapping
In August of 2000, with the completion of the Palenque Mapping Project, MEC director Dr. Ed Barnhart produced, among other works, a new map of Palenque's urban core. this has since been praised as one of the most accurate and detailed maps ever made of a Maya site. MEC plans to continue Dr. Barnhart's work by expanding the new map into Palenque's peripheral settlement zone.

Additionally, there are many other sites in both Chiapas and Tabasco that MEC hopes to systematically survey and map. Some of these sites already have basic maps that will benefit from expansion while others have no map at all. The result should be a collection of maps for the region that conform to the exacting standards set by Dr. Barnhart and the Palenque Mapping Project.
Exploration and Mapping

Sacred Geometry of Art and Architecture


Art Replication and Architectural Reconstruction Studies
Suggested reading books can be bought at JungleCasts with Dr. Barnhart