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Lost Worlds of South America: Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Pachacamac, and the Nazca Lines
An educational tour led by Archaeologist Dr. Edwin Barnhart

Spring equinox, in September! Led by Great Courses professor Dr. Ed Barnhart, this ten day learning adventure will bring its participants up the Andes and into the heartland of South America's greatest ancient empire. Day trips to ruins and evening lectures will illuminate ancient Inca history, archaeoastronomy, mathematics, and architecture. The trip begins in Lima, with a tour of the Larco Herrera Museum and the massive Huacamarca pyramid complex still standing in the heart of the city! Cuzco, former capital of the Inca Empire, will be the next stop. The city's massive Inca walls, beautiful Coricancha Temple, and Sascahuaman will be explored. Next, a train from Cuzco will bring the group to Machu Picchu for two whole days, and then a bus will bring them back to Cuzco via Ollantaytambo and other places in the Sacred Valley. Flying back to Lima the next morning, participants will head south into the desert to see the ancient oracle site of Pachacamac, the amazing elongated skulls housed at the Ica Musuem, and the Huacachina Oasis. Driving yet further south the next morning, the group will make it to Nazca, where over the next day and half they will fly over the Nazca Lines and explore their amazing aqueduct systems along the desert valley's floor. The adventure will end where it started, in Lima, with a festive final dinner along its beautiful coastline.

Lost Worlds of South America Tour: Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Pachacamac, and the Nazca Lines
Price $2700 ($600 extra for single lodging)
$500 deposit due upon registration
balance due 30 days before the course
Date Spetember 14 - 23, 2013

Sept 14, Saturday: Arrival to Lima
Flights to Lima, evening arrival
Private transport to Miraflores district hotel
Overnight in Lima
Sept 15, Sunday: Ancient Lima
9-10am: Breakfast and orientation meeting
10-12pm: The Larco Herrera Museum
12-1pm: Lunch at the museum
1-3pm: Huaca Huallamarca - a pyramid in downtown Lima!
Evening: Free time
Overnight in Lima
Sept 16, Monday: Arrival to Cuzco
6-7am: Breakfast and airport transfer
9-11pm: Flight to Cuzco
2-3pm: Lecture - Inca Culture History
3-4pm: Lecture - The Inca Khipu
Evening: Rest, acclimatize
Overnight in Cuzco
Sept 17, Tuesday: Ruins Around Cuzco
8-9am: Breakfast
9-11am: Coricancha Temple
11-1pm: Sacsayhuaman Ruins
12-2pm: Lunch break
2-4pm: The Inca Museum and Inca walls
Overnight in Cuzco
Sept 18, Wednesday: Machu Picchu
7-11am: Train to Machu Picchu
11-1pm: Check in and lunch
1-5pm: Tour of Machu Picchu
Evening: Free time
Overnight in Machu Picchu Town
Sept 19, Thursday: Machu Picchu
5am: Breakfast
6-7am: Dawn at Machu Picchu
All Day: Free time in Machu Picchu
Evening: Free time in Machu Picchu Town
Overnight in Machu Picchu Town
Sept 20, Friday: Sacred Valley
7-8am: Breakfast
8-10am: Train to Ollantaytambo
10-12pm: Inca Hilltop Fortress
1-2pm: Lunch in Urubamba
2-5pm: Awana Kancha weaving co-op
Evening: Free time in Cuzco
Overnight in Cuzco
Sept 21, Saturday: Pachacamac and Ica
6-7am: Breakfast and check out
9-10am: Flight back to Lima
10-12pm: Travel to Pachacamac
12-3pm: Tour of Pachacamac and lunch
3-5pm: Travel to Ica and visit Museum
Evening: Free time in Huacachina Oasis
Overnight in Huacachina
Sept 22, Sunday: Nazca
6-7am: Dawn dune buggy ride for equinox 7-8am: Breakfast and check out
8-11am: Travel to Nazca
11-5pm: Flights over the Nazca Lines
5-6pm: Lecture - Nazca
Evening: Free time in Nazca
Overnight in Nazca
Sept 23, Monday: Lima and Departure
7-8am: Breakfast and check out
8-10am: Nazca archaeological sites
10-5pm: Travel back to Lima 5-6pm: Exploring the Larco Mar complex
6-8pm: Final group dinner
8-9pm: Return to the Lima airport
Midnight: Flights back to the USA

Lima: Hotel Jose Antonio
Hotel services include cable TV, phones, internet, and on-site restaurant.

Cuzco: Hotel Ruinas
Hotel services include cable TV, phones, internet, on-site restaurant, and room service.

Machu Picchu Town: Inti Inn
Hotel services include private baths, phones, and on-site restaurant.

Huacachina Oasis: Mossone Hotel
Hotel services include private baths, phones, TV, internet, and on-site restaurant.

Nazca: Casa Andina
Hotel services include private baths, phones,TV, internet, and on-site restaurant.

- Lodging
- Breakfasts
- Road and rail transportation
- Flights over the Nazca Lines
- Dune buggy ride in the Huacachina Oasis
- Entrance fees
- Guiding
- Lectures and course resource packet

- Airfare to Lima and Cuzco
- Travel insurance
- Lunches and dinners
- Tips for Service Providers (drivers, maids, etc..)

Proceeds from MEC Travel courses and tours are the center's primary source of research funding. As such, a portion of the tour costs are tax deductible. MEC will provide participants with receipts and proper documentation regarding the center's 501(c)(3) non-profit status for your records.

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